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  • Title: SuperSnake v.1.9
  • Type: casual, arcade
  • Platform: PC (Windows 7, 10) 64bits
  • Release: 2017-10-30 (probably)
  • Price: 0.99$
  • Producer: Marian Witek "Black Cat"


Player control the snake’s head and by catching blue dots he goes to the next level. He have to avoid impediments and fit in time. Player can catch different kind of dots and get some powers or lost some time like when he gets red dot.

There are 15 levels to pass. You’ll get next level when you get all blue caps in current level before time is out. Your progress is saved as a ‘checkpoint’ when you reach it so you can load your game from menu. There are 6 checkpoints, after: 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, and 14 level.

In game is level generator and user can generate custom level.

NOTE: Game contains instruction but you can show it here. (wersja polska)


  • Windows 7, 10 (64 bits all)
  • Opengl 3.0, 10MB space, keyboard

Resolution modes:

  • 1280x720 only (Full-screen available), 2D graphics

Distribution: itch.io

Demo: Test this game before you order full version. Demo contains all features full version has but is limited to 50% of  gameplay, (has 8 levels) and does not support future updates. You can continue your current game in full version. Just drop checkpoint files in game folder.


  1. youtube
  2. facebook

This game is for you only when you like arcade, challanging games.




  1. demo version: 2017/10/5 8:30 AM
  2. present version 2017/10/5 8:30 AM
  • Status: finished
  • Engine: custom, based on SFMLlib.
  • Plans: 
    • Multiplayer (challenging custom player level for 4 players max) 
    • Linux version.

Game is full playable now but if people enjoy playing then there be develop new gameplay features like levels or impediments. Share your thoughs about the project,  especially level difficulty. What can be added? 

NOTE:  After purchase game you get access to future updates and versions independently from the current price.

Download demo

SuperSnake Setup demo.exe 5 MB

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